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Radgnarack Low Modular Long attachment Bar + Double All Bike

Radgnarack Low Modular Long attachment Bar + Double All Bike

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Experience ultimate versatility with our modular bar and bike rack attachment combo. The modular bar effortlessly hooks to your vehicle's hitch, boasting compatibility with various attachments. Designed for vehicles with over 14 inches of ground clearance, it accommodates 2 bike rack attachments, each equipped with an articulating hinge for easy loading of eBikes and movable tire trays to stabilize bikes of all sizes. Secure your ride with the included retention strap, offering a stress-free journey. Max load: 240lbs.

  • Made for 2" receiver

Choose the Right Crank Holder for Your Radgnarack The crank is the part of the bike that connects the pedal to the bike.

The crank is secured to the RadGnaRack into a slot we call the "Crank Holder" and to ensure a perfect fit for your bike or e-bike on our Radgnarack Product, selecting the appropriate Crank Holder is crucial. Here's a guide to help you make the best choice:  

Traditional Type: Ideal for all bikes and most standard bikes. However, some Mountain Bike Type cranks might not be compatible. 

Mountain Bike Type: Specially designed for advanced crank types by brands like SRAM, 5Dev, and Rotor. This variation is compatible with a wide range of cranks including: 

  • SRAM
  • XO Eagle
  • AXS Transmission (FC-X0-P-D1)
  • XO Eagle E-MTB (FC-X0-PA-D1)
  • XO Eagle (FC-X0-D1)
  • GX Eagle (FC-GX-D1)
  • GX Eagle Dub (FC-GX-1-C1)
  • NX Eagle Dub (FC-NX-1-C1)
  • SX Eagle Dub (FC-SX-1-A1)

For specific models and further details, feel free to explore more on the manufacturers' sites:

Rotor Crankset
Ride5 Dev 

Need further assistance? Contact our support team for personalized guidance 

How to load a heavy bike

Examples of the Radgnarack system in Valhalla - White

*examples only to show the color variant Valhalla - White


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